Always Special, A Seminar By Chong Jae Nim Kim! ✨Feedback by Carla Kuster

My experiences at the first seminar in Italy:

There were about eleven Haedong Kumdo instructors, and in addition, Master Javier had invited the entire Taekwondo organization and the children who train with him weekly.

This filled the hall with over forty people. For most, it was a wonderful introduction to Haedong Kumdo, and right away with lessons from the Grand master himself! 🌟

We started with Kimu,
and that is the “secret.”

This way, everyone becomes more aware of their bodies, leading to relaxation.

This is the most important part,
as students learn to truly move from their bodies; only then does the sword follow…

“Move your body and then follow the sword.”

Some even feel the Ki more consciously flowing through their bodies.

This naturally leads to the ability to create a healing Ki field, resulting in harmony within the group, which I can also feel.

This day consisted of many basic exercises, and it was very enjoyable to guide a small group with the Baldo Chakkum no. 1 to no. 5.

On the second day,

the group was split into workshops for the children, advanced students, and black belts.

Everyone was able to learn a lot at their own level.

You start to move automatically, forgetting yourself
with a calm, open mind.

All in all,
it’s fantastic training!

For me,
Haedong Kumdo truly has a healing effect. There was also great cooperation among the masters, creating a real family feeling.

And wow,… what a beautiful historic city Bergamo is, and the Italian food is phenomenally delicious… Yay!

Well organized,
everything in the flow.

Thanks to Master Javier Calvo Andueza, GM Kim, and everyone involved.

Carla Kuster
from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

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