Lessons From The Source: A Journey Into Haedong Kumdo


  • 5 hours of quality video content
  • A comprehensive program in 12 modules
  • Exclusively sourced from Dutch events

Teachings derived from the Dutch Events with Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong

The course material is exclusively sourced from the Dutch events of 2018, 2019, and 2023, rendering it a distinctive and foundational resource for individuals seeking to learn or enhance their skills in Haedong Kumdo – Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu.

We’ve crafted this course with unwavering dedication and a deep passion for our Haedong Kumdo family. It is structured into 6 chapters, each comprising 2 modules. Within every module, you’ll have access to informative videos and supplementary materials, allowing you to explore the rich history of Haedong Kumdo in the Netherlands, complete with its breathtaking moments and the essence of our shared journey.

This initiative is proudly brought to you by Spring Dragon Martial Arts. We sincerely hope you find joy in your journey through this course and that it rekindles your enthusiasm for training. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at springdragonmartialarts@pm.me

Course Content

Chapter 1: Course Introduction and Grand Master

Module 1: Course Overview and How You Can Benefit

Module 2: Meet the Grand Master and the UWHKF Curriculum

Chapter 2: Building a Foundation with Ki-Mu

Module 3: An introduction to Ki-Mu

Module 4: Learning Your First Form in Somatic Health Ki-Mu

Chapter 3: Expanding the Ki-Mu system

Module 5: Flowing into Practical Ki-Mu

Module 6: Building Internal Strength with Basic Ki-Mu

Chapter 4: An Introduction to Single Sword Techniques

Module 7: How to Move with Basic Techniques

Module 8: Sparring Drills with a Partner

Chapter 5: An Introduction to Double Sword Techniques

Module 9: A step-by-step breakdown into Double Sword Forms

Module 10: Mastering the Basics of Double Sword Sparring

Chapter 6: Healing and Q & A 

Module 11: Healing sessions with Vipassana Acupuncture

Module 12: Q & A sessions – Wisdom from the Master

🇳🇱 Prerequisite: you must be registered as a member of the Dutch Haedong Kumdo Association
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