No Coincidence or Mystery in the Universe

In our daily lives, we experience accidental and inevitable events, both mysterious and realistic. In fact, we have MUMYUNG which is false logic and behavior, and EOEUK which is selfishness.

In time, with the practice of self-awareness, empathy and oneness with nature, we begin to see that coincidence or mysterious events are merely an appearance of ignorance and stupidity. Eventually we will come to realize there is no coincidence or mystery in the universe.

In general, students of the Martial Arts are better prepared for cultivation of the mind and spirit, this is due to their improved health and physical condition. The mind, body and spirit are interwoven energetic systems and so a strong and healthy body facilitates a solid foundation for the development of the mind and spirit.

Extract from: Think out of the box – through the training of Haedong Kumdo – Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong