Dutch workshops ’19

Dear friends,

I am excited to inform you we will receive Grand Master Kim, Jeong Seong as our special guest and teacher. Grand Master Kim is the president of the United World Haedong Kumdo Federation and the founder of Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu. In August, he will be travelling from South Korea to the Netherlands. You will soon have the unique opportunity to learn from his teachings and skills.

This event is open to everybody, from beginner to more advanced. Together we can enjoy the benefits of the beautiful Korean Sword Art “Haedong Kumdo”. We welcome you to some special training locations in the center of the Netherlands. 

Contact me if you have any questions. Haedong!

Frank Heininga

Dutch UWHKF Representative

Mobile and WhatsApp: +31 0610624442

Facebook messenger: m.me/springdragon.nl

Email address: f.heininga@gmail.com


30/08 – FRI – 14:00 – Black Belt testing

30/08 – FRI – 19:30 – Ki Mu workshop

31/08 – SAT – 10:00 – Beginner workshop

31/08 – SAT – 12:00 – Lunch

31/08 – SAT – 13:00 – Intermediate workshop

31/08 – SAT – 18:30 – Banquet

01/09 – SUN – 11:00 – Live demonstration

01/09 – SUN – 11:15 – Creative competition

01/09 – SUN – 13:00 – Acupuncture healing session

01/09 – SUN – 14:00 – Q&A

02/09 – MON – 11:00 – Black Belt workshop


Friday, August 30 | Black Belt testing

Time: 14:00 – 15:00 | location: KDO vechtsportcentrum, Eefdestraat 28, Deventer

There is a possibility to apply for Black Belt testing. Your instructor or country representative should make these arrangements. Registration, fees and essays must be handled by your instructor who will inform Grand Master Kim directly. Friends and family of the candidates are welcome to watch this special moment in way of the warrior. 

Friday, August 30 | Ki Mu workshop (energy training)

Time: 19:30 – 21:00 | location: Multizaal, Jachtlustplein 11, Twello

Enjoy the graceful movements of Ki Mu for building more power and developing a free flow of energy. Grand Master Kim will personally guide you in the principles of nature as to unlock the secrets for health and longevity. Feel your Mind and Body relax in this workshop which is open to all. If you are new and interested in starting Haedong Kumdo, we recommend this Ki Mu workshop together with the ‘Beginner workshop’.

Saturday, August 31 | Beginner workshop (single sword skills)

Time: 10:00 – 12:00 | location: Multizaal, Jachtlustplein 11, Twello

Learn the basic skills with one sword in Haedong Kumdo. Grand Master Kim will teach the original Korean sword techniques used in combat and why they are still valuable for modern day life. If you haven’t started training yet, this is a once in a life time opportunity to learn from the source. Open for all, beginners, more advanced and all styles. 

Saturday, August 31 | Intermediate workshop (double sword skills)

Time: 13:00 – 15:00 | location: Multizaal, Jachtlustplein 11, Twello

In this workshop you can learn from Grand Master Kim’s specialty while training with two swords. Under proper guidance, training with two swords have many benefits and can also be a beautiful artistic expression. We are going to explore the dynamics and applications of two swords training together! Open to all, and a little experience in Martial Arts is recommended. A must for all intermediate, advanced students and weapon enthusiasts.

Sunday, September 1 | Live demonstration

Time: 11:00 | location: KDO vechtsportcentrum, Eefdestraat 28, Deventer

We will start this day with some entertainment for our guests. Come and see a live demonstration performed by the Spring Dragon demo team.

Sunday, September 1 | Creative competition

Time: 11:15 | location: KDO vechtsportcentrum, Eefdestraat 28, Deventer

In this competition, open to all students in Haedong Kumdo, you can participate by creating and demonstrating your own sword form to the judges. Your goal is to present your sword form as best as you possibly can. You can use one sword, two swords, or a combination of one and two swords in the same performance. We would love to see you combine sword forms from the curriculum, modify and spice it up with some extra creative and surprising elements. Remember, it is a CREATIVE competition. Maximum performance time is 90 seconds. Everybody is welcome to encourage and watch.

Sunday, September 1 | Acupuncture healing session

Time: 13:00 | location: KDO vechtsportcentrum, Eefdestraat 28, Deventer

In Haedong Kumdo we learn to be a warrior with healing skills as well. Do you have pain or health issues? Please be welcome to join a FREE treatment session with Grand Master Kim. He will use a variety of healing techniques to help you balance your energy.

Sunday, September 1 | Q&A session

Time: after acupuncture healing session | location: KDO vechtsportcentrum, Eefdestraat 28, Deventer

The students can ask anything about Haedong Kumdo. Grand Master Kim will elaborate on a variety of topics providing the students with insights and inspiration for further training.

Monday, September 2 | Black Belt workshop

Time 11:00 – 12:30 | location: KDO vechtsportcentrum, Eefdestraat 28, Deventer

Exclusively for Black Belts and Black Belt candidates, this workshop provides a new challenge in exploring more advanced topics in Haedong Kumdo. Listen, watch and learn! Open to red-black belts, 1.Keup and above.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (all is optional)

Lunch service for Saturday, August 31

On Saturday, August 31, we will have two workshops (beginner & intermediate) which both last two hours. In between, from 12:00 – 13:00, we will relax and have a break. You can enjoy lunch in the ‘Sport café‘ (in the same building), or you can go out for a quick walk to the city centre and have lunch there.

Dinner (open banquet) on Saturday, August 31

We have selected ‘A1 restaurant’ as our favourite choice to have dinner together. Although optional, we hope to see many faces. At ‘A1 restaurant’ you pay € 32,50 for all-you-can-eat including drinks. You can choose from all kinds of cuisines, like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Seafood, South-American, Sushi and Italian. We will contact all registered participants approx two week before the event about making a reservation. You personally take care of the payment directly at the restaurant. Time: 18:30. More info: http://www.restaurant-a1.nl/

Where is it?

All locations will either in Deventer or Twello. Above, you can read the locations corresponding to all the workshops. Use google maps to navigate. If you are not sure, or need directions, please contact Frank Heininga.

KDO vechtsportcentrum: Eefdestraat 28, Deventer

Sportcomplex Jagtlust (Multizaal): Jachtlustplein 11, Twello

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